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Does back to school time cause unwanted stress at your house? Do you worry your little ones are going to be bringing home sickness? Have they missed school because of sickness in the past? You just can't seem to keep them well during cold and flu season? 

Join Susan Hoyle INHC as we explore why some kids get sick so often, why there may be an underlying issue standing in your way of healthy children. What you can do to prevent illness at home and at school and much more! This class is for anyone who desires a healthier fall and winter! 

Cost is just $10

Class is limited to 20!

Beyond Fear!

Tuesday September 11th from 6-7:30

Some say there are only 2 emotions - love and fear. Fear is our "block" that stops us from moving forward in life. 

In this class we will explore how to move through our fears to accomplish our goals. We will explore the power of our intentions and thoughts. "Energy flows where attention goes." We will touch on our bodies energy systems (chakras), how to hold on to our energy, protect ourselves for the "energy vampires" in our lives, explore our "armor" we have created to protect ourselves from our feelings, learn how to create healthy boundaries, what is a "Vision Board?" and ideas for creating them. What are the benefits of holding a burning ceremony? And so much more! 

Hosted by Susan Hoyle. Susan is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Reiki Master, Raindrop Technique Specialist, Certified Spiritual Healer and an Ordained Minister. She brings her personal experience and "story" into each lecture. Her passion is assisting women in discovering (or re-discovering) their own "story," owning it, healing it and moving through it to ignite their own passion for living their Truest Selves.

Cost for attending this class is just $15

Next class is scheduled for Tuesday September 11th from  6-7:30pm


Class is limited so please RSVP by leaving your comment here, messaging through FB, or texting 573-819-7513

Class will be held at Hoyle Chiropractic in Ashland, MO.  (101 Red Tail Dr)

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