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What is Reiki?

How does it work?

Reiki is a natural and simple method of guiding healing life force energy for medical or personal growth purposes. When our life force energy is low or it’s continuous flow is blocked or restricted, we don’t feel as well as we would like and can be more susceptible to illness.

The intention of Reiki is to balance your nervous and energy systems. Balance is very important for the body to heal and so it is no wonder that Reiki is often used in conjunction with traditional medical treatments for healing, such as chemotherapy, surgery, or pharmaceutical intervention.

Reiki practitioners are trained and attuned to move life force energy, chi, or universal energy to your body which can then be restored and rebalanced. The body uses the reiki energy for it’s ‘highest good’ which is healing, maintaining a balanced system, and overall wellness and optimal health.

Reiki is also an excellent and wonderful complement to other therapies such as physical therapy, psychotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage.

Reiki & Energy Healing With Susan Hoye INHC

Each of my sessions are customized to fit the individual client and will include in part: 

  • ​I always begin with a short 1:1 coaching session to determine where you are and what individual needs you may communicate that may be of benefit. Each session is individual to YOU!

  • Clear, cleanse, and re-activate your 7 chakras

  • I am  focused on guiding the reiki healing energy to where you need it most.  Removing any blocks, using oils or crystals as needed.

  • Through the use of essential oils, release trapped unwanted emotional energy blocks 

  • Spiritual coaching to share with you any intuitive messages and offer the support & resources you can use to nourish your mind, body, and spirit going forward

  • Assist your body in returning to balance so you can return to your life feeling energized and joyful.

Add-On Options Include:

  • Holistic Life Coaching for situations you may be experiencing that need guidance

  • BioMat - Infrared technology in a mat.  This is used for pain relief, relaxation, detoxification, assisting to reduce anxiety to name just a few!

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