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What to Expect

The first visit to our office typically takes between 30 to 45 minutes, including paperwork. During this visit your health history will be reviewed, an exam will be performed, x-rays will be taken if deemed necessary, your questions will be answered, an adjustment will be given if indicated. Home instructions will also be provided. Any visits following your initial visit will take about 10-15 minutes.

For your convenience, you can find our new patient health history form at the bottom of the home page.  Just print, complete, and bring with you to your appointment.  Or this may be filled out in the office, just come 10-15 minutes early. Insurance cards will be copied at first visit and explained to patient.  

In the adjusting room a temperature-sensing instrument (called a nervoscope) will be used to detect any inflammation or heat changes caused by an irritated nerve or misaligned vertebrae. It is painless, as it is simply run down your spine on your skin’s surface. This instrument is not used to perform an adjustment, but is one of the steps in the Gonstead system to help specifically find YOUR problem area(s).

Your doctor will then conduct motion and static palpation along your entire spine. This allows us to detect any reduction in your normal range of motion, localized swelling at a level, or tenderness. Your spine, soft tissue around your spine, posture, stance and gait will also be examined to help determine the exact problem area(s) that may be causing symptoms.

If needed, an x-ray will be the final analysis of your spinal column and pelvis, showing the quality of your spinal condition and the specific direction of any misalignments present.

If a subluxation is found, Dr. Hoyle will perform a specific chiropractic adjustment with a gentle thrust, using very specific hand contacts on predetermined points. This will allow for the restoration of nerve function. With the irritation & swelling removed from the nerve, you should gradually feel relief from the pain and symptoms that may have brought you in to our office as your body begins to heal. Healing takes time, but you are most definitely in the right place to begin that process.

Depending on your condition and what we find, we may make recommendations about icing or provide you with specific exercises to help speed up your recovery. By completing your home instructions as recommended, you’ll be one step closer to improved health.

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