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Back to School Healthy Jump Start- Purification Prep through Days 1 & 2!

Purification-Prep and Days 1-2

More often than not we think of the New Year as the start to a New You! But for me I can say, honestly, the "going back to school" time of year feels like a good time to get back to normal routines! Throw away the junk food that crept in over the summer with the kids being out of school! And ditch the white stuff! Sugar, flour, grains, alcohol and yes, even caffeine! Just for 3 weeks! So, Ron and I decided we would start this on a Saturday, giving us 2 days before we had to go back to work! ;) Which means this weekend I have been preparing my kitchen. Ridding my house (sorry kids!) of the carbs that have plagued us! Even though this will be a plan for Ron and I it will also benefit our kids as well. Our daughter has a sugar addiction and craves white flour and sugar. This is my chance to set a better example for her and teach both my kids the connection between what we eat and how we feel, our mental focus, energy and yes, the obvious....our WEIGHT! Of course I have been doing this all along, somehow over the summer we have slipped a bit! ;) Saturday we shopped at the Columbia Farmer's Market! If you haven't been yet you are truly missing out!! And if you don't have cash never fear, you can use your debit card in one of the booths to get coins that they all take and they give change back in cash! After Farmers Market it was on to Natural Grocers and Clovers. I do try to buy organic when I can in everything but if you can't do that there is a list of "the dirty dozen" which lists in order of pesticide residue. Here was my list for Saturday after returning home:

1. Clean out the fridge! Get rid of those left overs! Let your family know what you are doing so they can support you and not bring these temptations into the house during this 21 days! 2. Click here and go over the specifics of the Purification Program. We have packets in the office if you need a hard copy. There is even a complete grocery list in the back so you can just take that out and head to the store! Better yet! They now have an app you can download for free. Called PURIFICATION. Check it out! 3. Start moving! Even just a simple walk to start if you haven't been exercising. While we had been working out here and there we have started walking as a family. We have a permit driver (oh my!) and she drives to the park and we all walk together.... 4. Be sure to surround yourself with people/friends who are supporting you in this venture. Someone you can talk to about what you are doing makes the journey just a little easier. I chopped and diced all morning and part of the afternoon but we are ready for the week! I will be posing recipes we have tried and liked. ;) Remember 2-3 shakes per day and all the fruits and vegetables listed as much as you want as long as you are eating twice as many vegetables as fruits! The first few days we will be tempted to eat more of the sugary fruits as most of us are more prone to the "white trash" (white sugar and white flour!) but this will pass for me usually by the second day. We want to focus on appreciating the natural flavor of the foods we are eating and not think about how much better it would be smothered in Ranch dip or cheese sauce!

Day 1 - I make a very large what I call a chopped salad. I chopped even the lettuce in small pieces as well as all the veggies. By chopping them in smaller pieces it not only brings out the flavor but releases more nutrients than keeping pieces larger. Then I made a simple lentil soup. Soaking the lentils for a few hours or overnight is best, adding vegetable stock, lots of various veggies. I will post the recipe later as well as other recipes we have used. Smoothies I use spinach, kale, banana, berries, coconut water and sometimes coconut milk. Remember you can have up to 3 smoothies a day! ;)

Day 2 - Well feeling very sluggish today. We rested a lot Saturday and Sunday. Took a walk with the kids, took a nap! Just really took it easy. Got through it!!

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