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New Year New You! 21 Day Purification Journey

***Stay Tuned here on the blog for my 21 day purification journey!

💥💥Here we go! 💥💥

Be ahead of the game and ready to roll for your 2020 New Years Resolutions! Come to this meeting to learn the details on how to do a 21 day life changing, nationwide challenge! The actual challenge begins January 6th so you will want to be ready to go, with all the information and supplies, to fully embrace a life changing wellness journey! Invite your friends, sign up and mark your calendars!

Come and get your questions answered! Sample the shakes you will be using on the program! Enter into a drawing to receive $20 off your purification program! (if paid for the night of meeting).

Join us Monday January 6th as Hoyle Chiropractic & Holistic Solutions joins this nationwide movement! 🍓🥦🥕🎊🎉

Standard Process 21 Day Purification program will begin Monday January 6th nation wide.

Here at Hoyle Chiropractic and Holistic Solutions we are offering our own "package" for the program: 💖🎁

Each participant will receive/sign up for the following:

~Pre Lipid Panel bloodwork- to measure changes in cholesterol levels (our office will send you to Quest for this- included in the program price!) 👩‍⚕️💉

Weigh in prior to starting program.

~Nutrition Consultation (15 min) and filling out a System Survey Form with Susan Hoyle INHC (to be sure you are right for this program). This is only for those who are not doing our Nutrition Response Testing, if you are doing NRT you have already done this!

~Sign up for the nation wide e-mail support (the earlier the better on this - no obligation to purchase if you choose not to start but good information in how to prepare for the program in these e-mails.)

~Private Facebook Group - through Standard Process

~Private Facebook Group through our office

~Purchase you purification kit one week prior to starting program - This will be done Monday December 30th at our meeting. You will have it by Thursday.

~Weekly meetings in our office-(depending on number of participants.) Time to be decided before our start date of Jan 6th.

***Cost for this program and all of the above benefits, is just $175-$195 (depending on products selected)

**Remember-these products are like food, you will be purchasing supplements and the shake mix but these will replace of some of your food!

**Current nutrition patients will receive a complementary nutrition response testing evaluation following the program. ($40 value) So we can send you off into your new healthy lifestyle.

**Nutrition Response Testing evaluation for all new nutrition patients just $40 (regular $75) as part of your post-purification plan.

~Post Lipid panel

~Post consult with Susan to set up a maintenance plan after the 21 day purification program is successfully completed. This is for anyone not doing the NRT evaluation.

**Don't live here or have a friend you want to join the program who isn't local? No problem! We can ship these products anywhere and do the consult over the phone prior to starting the program and they're in!

Call our office for more details or stop in to pick up your free booklet explaining the program and what to expect.



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