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Immune System Jump Start!

While we all are stepping up our game in keeping our hands washed and sanitized I thought it might be a good idea to write a piece on the immune system itself. What causes a weak immune system, what boosts it?

Here at Hoyle Chiropractic and Holistic Solutions we believe if our bodies are in complete balance (homeostasis) our bodies KNOW what they need to do to stay healthy. But what interferes with this balance is the big question.


1. Subluxation - If you have a subluxation (spinal vertebra that has been misaligned) you are not getting proper nerve flow to the affected area. Chiropractic can assist you in removing this interference.

2. Foods you eat - there are many articles that list foods that increase immune function. To name a few: citrus fruits, garlic, spinach, broccoli, turmeric, ginger, almonds and green tea.

3. Getting proper rest. Sleep is vital for overall health. Our bodies do the most healing and rejuvenating as we sleep. If you are not getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night your immune system is suffering! There are a lot of reasons for interrupted sleep and we have ways of assisting you in this area if you are struggling. Call our office for a free evaluation over the phone.

4. Staying hydrated! Our bodies are 60% water and our brains and heart comprise of 73% water, lungs 83%, skin 64% and muscles and kidneys are 79%! (per website). So you can see how important our bodily functions are to WATER. And there is no replacing water. Certainly not soda, coffee or sugary colored drinks advertised as good for after a workout. Water, water, water!

5. Our emotional health! What is your emotional health like? Are you stressed? Angry? Controlling and overbearing? All of these emotions will lower your immune system. Your negative perceptions of your world....lower your immune system. Laughter - raises your immune system. Having a positive outlook on the future - raises your immune system. Depression and anxiety, lower your immune system. You get the picture. I can tell you from personal experience, having a positive outlook is harder work these days than a negative fear based outlook. Especially in light of our current situation. But if you want to be healthy, and raise your immune system at the same time, change your attitude! Change your perceptions. What have you got to lose? Try it for a week and see what happens.

As always reach out to us if you have any questions about your health and chiropractic. Always a free phone consultation, especially now. Our office is open through this crisis. However, I am screening those who want an appointment. Everyone needs an appointment even if you are picking up supplements. We are limiting our patients to 2 in the office at one time. Social Distancing. Disinfecting after each patient. So please call before coming in to the office. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your healthcare needs.

Dr. Ron and Susan Hoyle


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