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Fall Renewal and Cleanse

In our current reality we are all getting oh too familiar with "cleansing, purifying, and disinfecting." We are sterilizing our outside environment incessantly. What we aren't thinking about is that these chemicals we are using are creating a toxic environment in our "internal world!"

What if....we began to shift our awareness from our outside world to our "inside world." Ahhh yes! What then?

We hear hundreds of times a day (IF you watch the news) to wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands. So is that it? Don't they then imply that there is really NOTHING else we can do has humans to protect ourselves from sickness? Seems to me they are preaching to a "victim" mentality here. Preaching to do as they tell us then wait for the solution to magically appear out of no where to save us all from ruin. Ok that may be an exaggeration, or is it? Where is the education on how to boost our immune health? How can we move to a healthier lifestyle and how that may impact our resistance to dis-ease. Why aren't we hearing about these options?

What about you? What's your perception of how to handle your health going into this fall? What are you doing to prepare for our usual cold and flu season while adding to it our current state of affairs??

What if we put just a little effort in learning enough about our own bodies and health that we could shift this. Shift from the victim mode, waiting for a solution and fearing that the virus truck is going to show up at your house, and SHIFT into a proactive state and actually do something about it? What if there was a system in the body that worked like a protective barrier against foreign invaders? What if that barrier actually protected us from those foreign invaders. And what if that barrier could be strengthened in some way. Wouldn't that be nice? Well that barrier my friends is called the "immune system" and there are things we can do each and every day to protect it, strengthen it and remove things that weaken it. Why isn't this on the news? Why isn't this information readily available?

Here is a short list of a few things to do if you want to have a healthy immune system.

  1. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar! Reduce sugar intake - it lowers the immune response and causes inflammation in the body!

  2. Processed foods - reduce these and replace with fruits and vegetables

  3. Get proper hydration. Most of us do not drink enough WATER.

  4. Get enough sleep

  5. Take supplements to support your immune system (Call Susan Hoyle INHC for more specific recommendations for YOU - 573-657-2500)

Here at Hoyle Chiropractic we do the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program twice a year. Once in January and once in the fall. This fall we have chosen Tuesday Sept 8th to begin. Yes! The day after Labor day. The best thing we can do to prepare our inner bodies for what's to come is to purify the chemicals we have accumulated, especially with all our sanitizing. When we have toxic overload in our inner body it creates more work for our defense system (immune system) to get rid of those toxins, as they see them as "invaders." Our liver is our filter for our bodies. The liver is responsible to filter out toxic substances so they do not build up in our bodies. When they build up in our bodies we are setting ourselves up for dis-ease.

Join the movement this fall! To a healthier lifestyle!


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