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NOW is the Time to OPTIMIZE our IMMUNITY

Any discussion about optimal health and working to prevent illness, must begin with an honest assessment of our present state of health. Every one of us has our own individual strengths and weaknesses when it comes to health. Young or old we must be able to take a hard look at our weaknesses if we are going to ward off, not just that unsatisfactory diagnosis, but infections! When we have undiagnosed underlying issues, we become susceptible to microbes which translates into illnesses.

Reality check: when we are dealing with even a borderline health issue, we are lowering our immune system. Maybe your cholesterol has been creeping up but, “it’s not that bad,” or your blood pressure is higher than it was 5 years ago, blood sugar levels, digestive complaints, inflammation, joint pain. All of these symptoms are subtle nudges, warning signs for you to pay attention. Kind of like the oil light in your car. If the oil light comes on (symptom that something is wrong) you don’t just unplug the light (covering up symptoms with pharmaceuticals). We need to get to the underlying “cause” of why the light is on (needs oil). Make sense?

I think we have gotten so used to taking a pill for ever symptom we have many people can no longer recognize what their body is capable of. How is your body’s functioning on its own and what is being created by the pharmaceutical?

There are common health challenges when we are overweight, have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and STRESS. All of these conditions increase inflammation in the body. Increased inflammation creates a decreased healing ability.

For a strong immune system that is capable of resisting infections it is essential that we correct as many of these underlying conditions that we can. The best place to begin this process is in our own kitchens. For a truly healthy immune system, start with a healthy diet. Featuring vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables, beans ad whole grains. Eat fish and poultry more than red meat, and ditch the processed meats (linked to cancer among other things). Limit saturated fat, added sugars, and overly processed foods. Ditch the artificial sweeteners and decrease sugar (no sugar is best!), instead reach for water, unsweet tea or coffee. Water is best!

Supplement when you can with whole food supplements. Starting with Catalyn (Standard Process) multi-vitamin/multi-mineral. Omega 3’s (Tuna or Cod). For the upcoming fall and winter immune support we are recommending Immuplex (great to assist the immune system with challenges it may encounter) and also Cataplex C, Zinc, and Echinacea Premium. And don't forget the kids! They need immune support most of all as they go back to school. Remember-fall is always cold and flu season, this year is is very different in this area as we all know. They will need support this year. We can also create a program for you to assist your underlying individual health concerns as well.

Now lets get to the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!


It is no secret that stress lowers our immune system. And if you are watching any news right now, or following our current world situation, been laid off, or you’re getting ready to send your kids back to school….well then, sadly you are in the stress game. If we are going to support a healthy immune system this fall we have GOT to get our stress reeled in. How?

  1. Reduce stressors if we can - for me this is setting boundaries. We have to understand what is “our” responsibility and what belongs to others. We do not have to save and rescue every single person in our lives. We must give them their own opportunities to be responsible for their own life circumstances, yes fall once in a while. This is how we all learn in life. From our mistakes as much as our successes.

  2. Take time for yourself. We all need a little quiet time once in a while. Even if it is 15 minutes at the end of the day or early in the morning before anyone is up. Carve that our for yourself and do whatever you want. Journal, read, pray, meditate.

  3. Practice relaxation techniques - Learn to meditate, or practice mindfulness. Mindfulness simply put, is focusing on the here and now. If you are eating for example, focus on the taste and smell of your food, really enjoy it. If you are having a conversation with a friend, put the phone down and really “listen!” Feel what they are feeling. You get the picture!

  4. Hydrate! Most people are dehydrated! The general rule is to drink 1/2 your weight in ounces. Be sure it is pure water, not tap. Reverse osmosis is fine but be sure you’re taking a mineral supplement as the minerals are removed. Mountain Valley Spring Water (in our area) is best. RO is next.

  5. Get plenty of rest. This seems to be a big one for lots of people. If you need help in this area please reach out. We can discuss your sleep patterns.

  6. Exercise everyday. A walk is fine. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout. Just start with a short walk and go from there. Each day build on the day before.

  7. Eat and drink sensibly - during these times it seems many are reaching for comfort foods and alcohol. While these seem to calm us and make us feel better in the moment, they are working against us in the long run. In the end they create more stress and lower the immune system.

  8. Supplement with whole food nutrition that can assist the body in lowering cortisol levels, allowing you to better handle the stress you have and bring your body into balance.

Gaining control of underlying conditions like obesity, blood sugar handling, stress, sleep patterns and high blood pressure will get your body out of defensive mode and into its ability to fight off infections. Adding whole food supplements to support this process to your daily regimen will optimize your health so you can stay well year-round.

Ready for the first step towards optimizing your immune system? Join us on our 21 day Purification Program as we dive in together. Tuesday September 8th, 2020!

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