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Do Multi-Vitamins Really Work?

Multivitamins - No Health Benefits??

Do Multi-Vitamins have NO health benefit? Have you seen the discussion on TV or radio lately of multivitamins having no positive health effects? Are you confused? Tired of conflicting information in your life? Feeling you are wasting your money? Well, you should be confused and you ARE wasting your money...IF you are buying synthetic vitamins. These are the best selling "vitamins" in the country....One-A-Day, Centrum, Wal-Mart, Costco, even some of the GNC brands. These are not doing you any good at all. We have been trying to educate our patients about the difference between "vitamins" and "whole food supplements" for years. A quick general rule of thumb with picking out a multivitamin: if you read the ingredients and you need your college chemistry textbook to figure out what is "really" in it....most likely these are not doing you any good at all! :) If you have been to the office, you have probably heard my pitch about "whole food supplements" while pointing to the carrot poster in our office from Standard Process. And I have probably given you the Natural vs. Synthetic flyer to read. If you have not heard this or seen the poster or read the flyer you need to education yourself! Ask me the next time you are in and we will have a chat! If you are taking these synthetic vitamins you could, in the long run, be hurting your efforts for a healthier lifestyle!! What we sell in our office is "Organic Whole Food Supplements" by Standard Process. Standard Process' "multivitamin" equivalent is called Catalyn. **”Catalyn is the antithesis of the "mega-dose" approach to nutritional supplementation. Dr. Royal Lee (the Founder of Standard Process) summoned the whole of his considerable nutritional experience and know-how to provide a nutritional catalyst, a supplement using whole food ingredients which he named catalyn. Dr. Lee's goal was to provide a food-based package of nutrients in the most potent and bio-available form–its natural state.” This is what your body if craving...FOOD! Not vitamins made in a lab by pharmaceutical companies...FOOD!! Now, back to my "carrot poster!" When you look at the carrot root poster in our office, it is just a large picture of a carrot root, but on it is listed, literally over a thousand nutrients that are found in the carrot root. Carrot root is just one ingredient in the catalyn. This is why even today, when scientists discover yet another nutrient that our bodies need, it is already in the Catalyn! Because it is made from the whole food, not pieces of the food recreated in a laboratory! Oh! And the best part! Catalyn sells for just $10.50 for a 1 month supply, or $37.00 for a 4 month supply! Pretty reasonable!! As always, feel free to ask questions when you are in the office or call and ask! It is our job to educate the public and to assist them in their health goals! Susan Hoyle

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Hoyle Chiropractic 573-447-2500

**Taken from the Standard Process website, description of catalyn. Click here for more information on this product:

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