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Day 10! Purification Update-Yes we are still at it! ;)

It has been a very busy week with our kids going back to school this week and my being out of town for a seminar last weekend! BUT...more importantly we both stayed vigilant to our program! YAY! And I can say we are both feeling A-Mazing! Like I mentioned the first 2-3 days are the hardest but after you get past that you begin to shed the layers of toxicity within your body. The fog begins to lift, that stuffy feeling when I wake up in the morning is gone, our energy has increased and for me I just feel a general feeling of being more "connected" to my world. Both the people in it and the environment. Hard to explain but maybe a feeling of pure JOY...

So we are still doing a shake every day and lately a shake for lunch as well. I've been experimenting with the lentils and quinoa with some success! ;) So depending on what that recipes brings that will be dinner and of course a delicious chopped salad with homemade dressing. I will post some of these when I get back home. I have a dressing recipe that turned out really good with tomato juice, garlic, olive oil off the top of me head. I will post later.

Exercise is an important part of this purification program however so is rest, self reflection and self-care. We have been walking a lot and Ron has been doing weights at the gym. It is recommended the first week you take it easy as your body is working hard to pull toxins out. Meditation and journaling are great for self reflection. As I mentioned taking a walk, getting out in nature, both great ways to reconnect with both yourself and Mother Earth!

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