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Purification - The Awakening Period!

Day 18 of our Standard Process Purification Program. Yes, 18 days of clean eating, supplements and shakes! Feeling so much lighter, not just physically (I have lost 12 pounds and Dr. Hoyle has lost 6) but mentally as well. So Friday of this week we will have completed the entire 21 days! YAY! But I can tell you this will continue for both of us. Now don't get me wrong, our diet was pretty clean prior to this program but we did indulge way too often this summer by going out to eat, especially with the kids, and indulging in a glass of wine or two and beer for Ron. So that has been eliminated that past 2-1/2 weeks and even our kids have dropped a few pounds, after the complaints about there being no food in the house resided! LOL! They too are making healthier choices. Of course when there are only healthy choices in the house it makes it easier for them!

The majority of our program has been the smoothies. I have experimented with several different recipes but fall back on the basics. SP Complete, spinach, kale, frozen berry mixture and a banana. This is very filling! I usually do this for breakfast and lunch and add a salad for Dr. H. Then dinner depending on the day I have done grilled chicken and shrimp or I will put a lean roast in the crock pot. Dinner always includes a salad, homemade salad dressing and either a sweet potato and butter (for Ron) or a vegetable side dish. My family loves asparagus on the grill!

We also did our blood work prior to starting and surprisingly my cholesterol was slightly over where I would like it to be and Dr. H had slightly elevated triglycerides. So we will be doing the post blood work after we are finished.

This blood work by the way is very inexpensive through our office so if you are interesting in any of that please call me and I can fill you in. 573-447-2500. Whether or not you want to do this program or not.

So back to the "awakening period." I can tell you I have more energy and focus for being in the present moment in my life. Which has been something I aspire to do but often struggle. I feel so much more "connected" to both the people in my life but also the environment. Hard to explain but it feels amazing. Highly recommend this program for anyone who is struggling with energy, or losing those last few pounds! By eliminating all wheat, dairy, sugar from your diet for 21 days your inflammation will decrease, digestive issues clear up, skin issues if you have any, just to name a few things. Whatever you are struggling with this can get you back on track both physically and mentally!

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