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Chiropractic and Immune System Health

No matter the time of year — in the middle of flu season or during the hottest days of the summer — it never hurts to give your immune system a boost to protect yourself from illness and injury. Because, who doesn’t want to always feel at their best?

We may not be able to completely prevent illness, but there are certainly ways you may lessen the severity or duration of your time under the weather or in pain. And that’s something anyone can be happy with, right?

Here is how regular chiropractic adjustments can help, plus what else you can do to naturally boost your immune system:

1. Spinal adjustments have been shown to boost immune function because they serve to correct the spinal misalignments that cause neural dysfunction. Neural dysfunction stresses a body out, which may lead to a weakened immune system and lowered response to a foreign body, such as the cold virus.

Organs that have a strong relationship with the immune system, such as the lymph nodes and the spleen, communicate with your brain and nerves, and if your nervous system isn’t functioning at an optimal level, a communication breakdown can occur. You can imagine what may happen next. Getting a chiropractic adjustment is a great place to start so you can get any spinal misalignment you may have corrected. Even one adjustment can bring about an immediate immune boost.

2. A chiropractic adjustment isn’t the only way to increase your immune function. The following methods should be used in conjunction with regular chiropractic care.

First, get more sleep! We are a nation of sleep-deprived individuals, but you don’t have to be one of them. Sleep helps your body to reset and recharge, and keeps your system firing and protecting in the way that it should.

Next, arm yourself with vitamin D from the sun plus vitamin C from eating the fresh produce that contains it. Regular exercise is also important when it comes to immune health because it serves to improve blood circulation, which in turn kickstarts the release of immune system substances into your body.

Through listening to your body, providing it with what it needs, and going to regular adjustments, you may find yourself fighting immune system illnesses better than before!

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