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Spring 2020 Seasonal Allergy Season to be a Beast!

We all love a mild winter, right? Well, for those who suffer from seasonal allergies it can be a double edge sword!

Experts agree when we have a mild winter and early spring this traditionally means higher-than-average pollen counts.  And those with seasonal allergies undoubtedly will suffer. Pollen is a major cause of this suffering as pollen is spread around in the spring symptoms soon follow. Dry cough, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose.

This spring is a bit unique because of the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus). While everyone one is on high alert checking their symptoms with those of the COVID-19 let's not forget simple seasonal allergy symptoms. These often start as a dry cough, which has been said to also be a symptom of COVID-19. Let's be sure our immune systems are strong this spring, assisting us in fighting off any assault to our immune system.

We have many products in our office to support your immune system including specific seasonal symptomatic homeopathic support. Let's stay a head of these immune invaders before things get out of hand!

Call our office 573-657-2500 to schedule a Nutrition Response Testing scan to determine if you are dealing with normal seasonal symptoms or something else?


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